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Scroll down to read the stories we've collected - or click here to view them by project and find out why we collected them.

With thanks to


The OFS editors:  Renata Allen, Phil Brennan, Sarah Cassidy, Alex Coke, Darran Ijada, Naomi Joseph, Will Long, Justine Malone, Rowan Padmore, Sofia Smith-Laing. 

The OFS transcribers:  John Baron, Caitriona Dowden, Bethan Elford, Simon Garrood, Steve Hay, Emma Joynson, Isabella Lill, Rie Marsdon, Thomas Nicolaou, Ollie Ripley-Duggan, Kate Stewart, Katherine Thomlinson, Sarah Wilkinson. 

The OFS Story collectors:  Sarah Cassidy, Hannah Gallardo-Parsons, Simon Garrood, Steve Hay, Darran Ijada, Andrew Jones, Will Long, Justine Malone, Jak Soroka. 

And above all else, the Storytellers.  

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