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About our training

OFS offers training in each aspect of the Storytelling Evaluation Methodology. 


Introduction to Storytelling: half-day training


A step-by-step overview of the Storytelling process, including planning a project, putting it into practice, supporting storytellers, principles of story collecting, transcription, and editing, and planning a discussion session. Resource pack included.


Story Collecting: full-day training


An in-depth and practical look at story collecting, including what a good story looks like, principles and techniques, putting it into practice, and navigating challenging situations. Resource pack included. 


Transcription and editing: half-day training


Principles and techniques for turning the transcription of a conversation into a 2-page story that preserves the voice and insights of the storyteller.


Each session is designed for between 10 and 20 participants. We can organise trainings for your organisation, and we are always prepared to adapt to your needs so do get in touch if you have any questions.


OFS also offers some open training sessions each year. These are 2-part sessions covering the Introduction to Storytelling training and the story collecting training. Thye available to individuals at the following per-person prices: Standard rate £250; pay less £150; pay more £300

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