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Atlantis is the fifth Hidden Spire project run by OFS and Crisis. Hidden Spire brings together professional

artists and Crisis members (people with experience of homelessness), as well as members of the wider

community, to create performances. The team work together every step of the way - everything from set

design, scriptwriting and front-of-house is done as a collaboration between the artists, Crisis members,

and the wider community.   


OFS began developing Atlantis in September 2020, inviting people from across Oxford to join a ‘Creative Collective’. Everyone involved responded creatively to prompts based on the theme ‘hidden Oxford’. We began the writing process in early 2021, inviting the Collective to help us build the world and characters of Atlantis. Playwrights Rowan Padmore and Abi Hood then wove this writing together to create a piece of promenade theatre which took audience members on a tour of an Oxford recovering in the aftermath of a devastating flood. Members of the Creative Collective worked with professional artists on set-design, costume, music and the performance itself. The project involved nine current and ten previous Crisis members, fifty-four members of the wider community, and fifteen professional artists. 


We collected stories from twelve people involved in different ways in Atlantis and brought people together to discuss what we could learn from them.  

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