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NRPF Project

The No Recourse to Public Funds Project (NRPF) brings together partners including Connection Support,

Asylum Welcome, Aspire, and Oxfordshire Homeless Movement to support people living in Oxford with

no recourse to public funds. 


Oxfordshire Homeless Movement (OHM) set up the No Recourse to Public Funds Project (NRPF) bringing together partners across the sector together - Asylum Welcome, Aspire, Connection Support, Edge Housing and Soha - to provide housing and support to people living in Oxfordshire with no recourse to public funds. In 2020, the Everybody In initiative aimed to house all rough sleepers for the duration of the Covid-19 lockdown. This led to services in Oxfordshire being able to count the precise number of individuals who would, post lockdown, be once again unable to access any housing or support because they had no recourse to public funds. OHM set up the project to put this housing and support in place once the Everybody In initiative was concluded.


In 2022, OFS worked with NRPF to evaluate their work using Storytelling. We collected eight stories from participants in this project, from support workers, to managers, to beneficiaries of support.  

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