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On Stage I Feel Free

The very first thing I did here was in October 2013, I got accepted as a member and then I did this evening class in drama. I did 2 Hidden Spire plays – starting with the Shakespeare prequel. It seems like a long time ago, although it is not really. That was the first acting I did. I found it therapeutic, cathartic, just putting your emotions out on the stage. I have a mercurial personality. I change like the sea. On the stage, it is a good thing to just be able to project your emotions out to the audience. It gives you a certain kudos to stand in front of the audience. Some sort of self-identity. I may come across as shy – but on stage, I feel free, yeah.

Once you have done something like this once or twice it becomes easier and you can see it as a possible avenue you can take yourself down.

I am not good at forming relationships with people. But the social side of acting in Hidden Spire is really good as well. Backstage, we all become very chummy, make lots of friends, it feels good. That is the main thing about this place! To be sociable! Yeah. That’s why I come here - to make friends, be sociable.

My creativity is maybe my strongest point. Writing and acting. I have written several pieces. I’ve kept all the things I have done here over the years. The very first thing I wrote for Sawdust this year - I started off with the idea of a travelling group of comedians. And the stand-up thing I did last summer - I put a mop on my head - it was a stupid thing but people laughed. I wrote a Christmas piece last year, based on Rudolph the Reindeer, performed it just for the drama group. And the idea for a little Italian comedy thing, Harlequin… an idea for a comedy, I wrote it out long hand.

It’s like everything, once you start practicing writing you get better at it. They like to be entertained most people don’t they? So you look deep inside yourself and see what you can find, right in the corners and dark dark alleys of your personality.

I haven’t done much, I want to do more, I am always dissatisfied with myself, really I go to bed and I say what on earth are you doing with your life and why can’t you do more.


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